Park-Damberg  believes that business has social, economic and environmental responsibilities to make a positive difference. The company was founded with the specific intent to provide sustainable packaging that is safe and healthy for people and beneficial for the planet. We believe providing sustainable packaging means better service and smarter business. Our offered solutions  should reduce the amount of materials that end up in landfills.

In the Western World, we waste almost one third of our food and at the same time one third of the World’s population is starving. One of the main reasons for this waste is our eagerness to save flexible packaging materials as this is considered a waste. The fact is that the carbon emissions from the packaging material is less than one % of the carbon emission from the food production itself. Therefore Park-Damberg is committed to support food preservation, protection, and life by providing the safest packaging solutions for food items.

We believe that providing our customers with solutions designed to help them produce products that are inherently more sustainable is key factor for their success.  When designing our packaging solutions, we will always:

  •      Recommend the solution that provide the best possible protection and longest possible shelf life
  •      Avoid excessive packaging by down gauging the materials to thinnest possible calipers
  •      Select materials with the highest level of recyclability
  •      Apply bio-degradable materials in our solutions where feasible


Park-Damberg firmly recognise the need to develop environmental excellence in the stewardship of its business, as well as to engender environmentally responsible behaviour from its employees. We are committed to developing environmental excellence in our business operations, implementing best practice policies to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint, water consumption and production and management of waste, whilst increasing the energy efficiency of our products, business operations and working practices. We are also monitoring our local carbon emissions.