Cut your cost and environmental impact by 30-50%.

Still using Alu Foil barriers in your laminates?

Our new super barrier laminates have been developed with the aim of achieving oxygen, water vapour, and UV barrier properties similar to values that you achieve from applying a layer of aluminium foil in the laminate. This also means that the barrier properties are significantly better than to any other conventional non-aluminium barrier laminate such as EVOH, OPA, and PVCD. The barrier layer is made by combining an oxide treatment with a special barrier top coating, which is applied to the laminate’s polyester layer. The polyester layer is then laminated to a sealing layer which could be CPP, PE ,or BOPP.

The super barrier laminates are available in various thicknesses from 32-120µ . All grades are approved for direct food contact and surface treated for easy printability.

Key benefits:
  •      Increase the efficiency of your packaging - replace EVOH / PVDC / Alu foil 
  •      Use two layered laminates instead of three and reduce costs by 30% to 50%
  •      Retain the foil appearance with metallization
  •      Lower energy and material consumption
  •      Reduce packaging weight (cut emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2))
  •      Safer for the packaged product and safer for the consumer
  •      No chlorine gas emitted during combustion (as with PVDC coating)
Technological Advantages

By applying a colourless layer of aluminium oxides onto the film we obtain a transparent film with the same properties as a traditionally metallized film. Oxide coated films are characterised by:

  •      Excellent barrier properties
  •      Stability at high temperature and humidity
  •      No influence of UV rays
  •      Excellent transparency and clarity
  •      Microwave friendly
  •      No issues with metal detectors
  •      BRC compliant
Superior Barrier Performance

Oxide Coatings significantly out-perform other barriers in both OTR and WVTR performance:

Often Used For:
  •   PET/barrier/CPP
Optional features:
  •   PET/barrier/PE
  •   PET/barrier/BOPP
  •   PET/barrier/PET






  Deep Freeze to 20°C

  Sterilizable / retortable